Experimental Hot air Balloons

Experimental Balloon built by Ted Gauthier

Ride in a Balloon

Ted Gauthier takes you along for a ride in his balloon from beginning to end.

Go For a Ride with Us

This video will take you through the process of setting up, launching, flying and packing up a hot air balloon. Our hope is to give you an inside look on a ride in a hot air balloon.

See the view from the air

FlyBalloons.net pilot Ted Gauthier takes you on journey over the neighborhoods looking from his hot air balloon.

Go For a Ride with Us

This video will take you through the process of setting up, launching, flying and packing up a hot air balloon. Our hope is to give you an inside look on a ride in a hot air balloon.

Fall Colors

Go for a ride over the neighborhoods and enjoy the view.

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Flying In Michigan

The joy of flying hot air balloons in Michigan is highlighted by all the wonderful scenery. There are hundreds of lakes, wildlife and rolling hills.


Video: MLive.com Balloons Festivals in Michigan

Michigan Balloon Festivals: 2019

Balloon over Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth, May 25-28th

Frontier Days Balloon Shoot Out, Carson City, June 1-3

Michigan Challenge Balloonfest: Howell, June 28th, 29th and 30th.

Field of Flight Air show and Balloon Festival, Battle Creek, June 28-July 4

Grand Rapids Balloon Festival, Hudsonville, July 19-21

Jackson Hot Air Jubilee, Jackson, July 20-22

Midland Balloon Festival, Midland, August 2-5

Metamora Hot Air Balloon Festival, "CANCELLED" Metamora, August 24-25

Greater Lansing Balloon Festival, Lansing, August 21-23

Kalamazoo Balloon Festival, Richland, August 24-26

Hale Yes Hot Air Balloon Festival, Hale, September 21-23

Balloon Advertising

Advertising on a hot air balloon is a fantastic way to get exposure. Your name is as large as a freeway billboard and can be viewed by thousands of people in your market area.

Let us be your pilot in the sky !



Experimental Hot air Balloons

F.A.A. Registration N19TG
August 28, 1998
First flight August 29, 1998


This Hot air Balloon was made by Ted Gauthier with the help of his brother Guy. Ted is so thankful to have such a wonderful family. This project would have never been possible without the help of everyone. The most important person was his brother Guy as he was the expert. It is Ted's opinion that, without his brothers help and the gang at BRET, this homebuilt project would never have been completed. He is very proud of the balloon and never dreamed that it would have turned out as nice as it did.

We are now flying the balloon and it is performing like a dream. Ted and his daughter, Dawn fly this balloon in many competitions across the country. They are very proud to say that this balloon was fun to build and truly a great aircraft to fly. We named it "DAYDREAM" and it has logged more than 175 hours in the sky. This balloon is not used to fly our commercial passengers. FlyBalloons.net uses FAA certified balloons that have a standard airworthiness certificate for all passenger flights.

Well, Here it is - my completed homebuilt basket. I would like to thank everyone who helped me complete this project. I would have never attempted such an ambitious project if it were not for all the help provided by "BRET" (Balloon Repairs of East Texas).


My brothers Guy, Marty, Joey, Gary and Danny were great. My dad came over several days a week to lend a helping hand and help me make it to the next step in the project. I want to thank Micki and Joe at BRET who saw this project to the final end, helping with the beautiful leather and rawhide work and making sure that the system was completed. Of course, I want to thank my wife Lynn for supporting me and allowing me to complete another one of my crazy dreams. She was always there when I needed a second set of hands and never compained when I said that something cost more than I had projected.

Ted's Homebuilt Basket Photo Gallery


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This is a Hang Balloon...no basket!



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