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Ride in a Balloon

Ted Gauthier takes you along for a ride in his balloon from beginning to end.

Go For a Ride with Us

This video will take you through the process of setting up, launching, flying and packing up a hot air balloon. Our hope is to give you an inside look on a ride in a hot air balloon.

See the view from the air pilot Ted Gauthier takes you on journey over the neighborhoods looking from his hot air balloon.

Go For a Ride with Us

This video will take you through the process of setting up, launching, flying and packing up a hot air balloon. Our hope is to give you an inside look on a ride in a hot air balloon.

Fall Colors

Go for a ride over the neighborhoods and enjoy the view.

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Flying In Michigan

The joy of flying hot air balloons in Michigan is highlighted by all the wonderful scenery. There are hundreds of lakes, wildlife and rolling hills.


Video: Balloons Festivals in Michigan

Michigan Balloon Festivals: 2019

Balloon over Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth, May 25-28th

Frontier Days Balloon Shoot Out, Carson City, June 1-3

Michigan Challenge Balloonfest: Howell, June 28th, 29th and 30th.

Field of Flight Air show and Balloon Festival, Battle Creek, June 28-July 4

Grand Rapids Balloon Festival, Hudsonville, July 19-21

Jackson Hot Air Jubilee, Jackson, July 20-22

Midland Balloon Festival, Midland, August 2-5

Metamora Hot Air Balloon Festival, "CANCELLED" Metamora, August 24-25

Greater Lansing Balloon Festival, Lansing, August 21-23

Kalamazoo Balloon Festival, Richland, August 24-26

Hale Yes Hot Air Balloon Festival, Hale, September 21-23

Balloon Advertising

Advertising on a hot air balloon is a fantastic way to get exposure. Your name is as large as a freeway billboard and can be viewed by thousands of people in your market area.

Let us be your pilot in the sky !




Balloon Ride Pricing

The investment pilots and the crews make in ballooning can be significant. The cost of the balloon system itself is expensive, as a typical balloon today like the "Andy Balloon", can cost in the area of $45,000. The cost of propane, fuel, balloon insurance, pilot training, annual aircraft inspections, all add to our yearly expenses. The life of the envelope on a balloon might be anywhere from 300-400 hours of flight time, so the depreciation can be high as well.

However, pilots and crew want to have fun and share their unique experience with others. With this in mind we have tried to keep the cost of getting a hot air balloon ride down to a minimum. We charge the following for exciting hot air balloon rides over southeastern Michigan:


closeup_dawnflyingBalloon Rides:

1 Person = $325 (Note: 2 people min. for each balloon Flight)

2 People = $650.00

These prices includes the following:

* Your participation in the setting up and launching of the balloon - including information on the balloon construction, a complete balloon system review and a safety briefing

* The packing and inflation of the balloon - a very unique experience in which you will play an active role

* The launch and flight of the balloon. It takes around 15 minutes to set-up and launch the balloon and a typical flight lasts approximately one hour. The wind speeds and finding suitable landing spots are contributing factors that may lengthen or shorten the flight.

* The landing and packing up of the balloon system. This takes anywhere from 30-40 minutes. It's almost as much fun as the launch as everyone gets involved in the process to help.

*And finally the landing ceremony patterned after hundreds of years of balloon flights. This part is a surprise but you will definitely have fun!

The total time of the event is approximately 3-4 hours from the time you head to the launch site until we are packed up and heading home. It is an experience you will never, ever forget! Be sure to bring along your camera and plenty of film!

Groups varying in size from 2-4 are easily accommodated.

Special arrangements can often be made for larger groups.

We have done groups as large as 18 passengers. We used 9 balloons with 2 passengers in each balloon. Each couple received their very own private tour. A wonderful idea for Company outings.



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Did you know that all of our balloon rides are "private"?

We will not put other passengers in your balloon like other balloon operators.